Email Mailing List of Opticians and Eyewear Suppliers 

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Email List of Opticians. A Directory and  Database of Opticians, Eyeglass Stores, Optometrists and Eyewear specialists in the USA that  includes email addresses. Free sample Mailing & Marketing List is available, just click above for more detailed information.


Email list of Opticians and Eyewear vendors 

Do you have a business that caters to Opticians, Optometrists, Eyeglass Stores and Eyewear vendors  and similar establishments within the industry? If so, you might want to consider getting our E-mail list of Opticians and Eye wear vendors to reach out to potential clients and customers as well as our List of Dentists at .

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Our Email list of Opticians, Eyeglasses Stores, Optometrists and Eye wear vendors is a great way to start a sales campaign because it features over 20,000 different Opticians, Optometrists and Eyewear vendors in Canada and the United States. By downloading our directory listing, you will be able to see thousands of email addresses, as well as the business website address and complete mailing address. So if you want to expand your business and boost your profits in the process, starting an email sales campaign with the use of our E-mail list of Opticians, Eyeglasses Stores and Eye wear vendors is certainly a great choice!



E-mail Marketing is Perfect for Business 

Customers can enjoy better flexibility with our E-mailing list of Eyeglass Stores, Opticians and Eyewear vendors because we provide both the email address as well as the actual street address. Therefore, you will not be limited to only one type of marketing campaign because you will still be able to send out marketing campaign materials through post. However, e-mailing is certainly the top choice for various types of businesses because of its many advantages.

One of the reasons why e-mail marketing has emerged to be the top choice in the industry is that it offers a more cost-effective solution. As a matter of fact, even start-up businesses get to launch their own marketing campaigns because of the relatively lower rates offered by using e-mail. With this form of campaign, you do not need to spend a lot of money because all you need to do is download a directory listing. Furthermore, it is a lot quicker and easier compared to other sales campaigns because you actually get to start once you have fully downloaded all of the details you need.

We Guarantee Each and Every E-mail Address 

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, you also get to enjoy more perks if you purchase our E-mail list of Eyeglass Stores, Opticians and Eyewear vendors. With our listings, you can be assured that each and every email is 100% deliverable. But what does this mean and how can it affect your marketing campaign?

If you are not familiar with e-mailing campaign, you might have already done some research about the use of email lists and the like. The number one problem that other businesses have with e-mail marketing is that they get a very low response rate due because of the use of incompetent email listings. Therefore, you need to be very careful before you purchase an email list because you might pay for something that does not really work. You will only be wasting your time and effort in sending out  e-mailings to inactive and inaccurate email addresses.

But with our E-mailing list of Opticians, Optometrists and Eyewear vendors, this is something that you do not need to worry about because we fully guarantee the deliverability of our listings. In any case that one of the emails should bounce, we offer a proportionate refund just to assure you of the quality and excellence of our -email list. If you need further information about our 100% deliverability, please click here to read the terms of the guarantee.

As from September 2013 a UK Directory of Opticians is also available. Please click here for details.

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How we Can Provide the Guarantee 

Some of you might wonder how we can come up with a 100% guarantee, despite the fact that there are a lot of inactive email addresses out there. Our company is fully committed to satisfying our customers and meeting the industry standards. We are composed of a team of web researchers who meticulously update the files on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and quality. Other email marketing lists in the industry are merely composed of addresses that are derived from sources that are not exactly up to date. But with our Email list of Opticians and Eyewear vendors, you can be sure that our web researchers gather the information in a very effective way. If you need further information, please visit our Research Methods page.

Why Email Marketing?

If you are wondering why you should get into the world of e-mail marketing, the answer is simple: it is effective and fast. The problem with other forms of sales campaigns is that they do not really target a specific customer base. Therefore, you might not get the response that you need despite your many advertising efforts.

But with email , you can purchase custom-built list that only include the specific clientele that you cater to. You only get to reach the actual clients who require your products and goods, which is perfect for those businesses that really want to expand and boost their profits.

So if you want to get started with your e-mail advertising campaign, just click through the relevant link at the top of the page to download our Email list of Opticians, Optometrists,Eye wear vendors  and Eyeglasses Stores.

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Note: Not all records in the Directory have street addresses and telephone numbers. See above for full details.

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Targeting the right audience is the key to success for any online marketing campaign. It does not matter how much money you spend on your brand propaganda, if the message is not viewed by the people interested in your offerings, your money will go to waste. E-mail marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies and in order to start a campaign, you need to buy email mailing and marketing lists from a reliable vendor.

When it comes to buying email lists, you have plenty of sellers to choose from, but the problem is you can never be too sure about your selection. Every email list seller says that he offers genuine email addresses and his price is the lowest in the market, but if you want to be safe, then ask the following questions to the mailing list seller before signing the deal.

How often do you refresh your list? : Web users change their email addresses quite frequently. The addresses mentioned in the list may be still used by those users, but their primary email address has changed in the past few months. Therefore, while the mail will get delivered, the message won’t get noticed. A good seller will provide you a list that has been updated recently with no or minimum dead contacts.

What are Opticians?

Opticians are a doctor that design, fits, and dispenses corrective lenses or contacts. These doctors are highly trained and have to be licensed to practice. The doctor has to commit to continuing their education.  This is important because they need to be able to learn about new techniques and equipment that is becoming available.

Some of the services offered

  • Vision series
  • Medical eye care
  • Plastic surgery

What do Opticians Do?

Opticians have been providing a range of services. One of the most basic services that they provide is eye exams. These exams check the overall health of the eye and also check  any abnormality of the eye. This type of exam also can help determine is a patient needs glasses or contact lenses. These lenses can be made at the optician’s office or may be outsourced to another company. The next service that some practices provide is surgical eye care. This type of service is often needed if a patient has glaucoma or cataracts. These types of services are often provided by specialized practices. This type of service can be expensive and take time to recover from.

When choosing an eye doctor there are a few things to look at. The first of these is how busy is the practice.  This is important because a busy practice will often have better prices but it can be hard to schedule an exam. One of the things that can be helpful when looking for an eye doctor is to ask friends and family how they see and how they like that particular doctor.

We sell many diffrent types of lists and buyers can review samples records at You Tube as follows;

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Beauty Salons USA

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Interior Designers

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Builders and Construction Companies



What is the rate of your email mailing and marketing lists? Is there any minimum purchase?: It is important to know the minimum price of mailing lists because you need something that suits your budget. Besides, over-exposure of a brand can be futile if you serve a very niche market. For example, you may just need a mailing list of10,000 web users in USA, aged between 60-70 because you are planning to sell a new heart medicine. If the seller tells you that you “must” buy a list of 100,000 and he can’t provide categorized data, don’t invest your money.

Am I buying the list or is it renting charge?: Some companies offer very low rates for email mailing and marketing lists, but when you inquire, they tell you that you can use the email addresses for a limited period of time only, it is not yours. Renting a mailing list is not a good idea. You must make sure that once you pay for the marketing list, it is solely yours.

If a seller provides satisfactory answers to all these questions, you can buy the email lists from him.


Two new list are now available:

Database of Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies Database 

Take note that the emailing list of the Travel Agencies Database involves contact numbers, travel sales profits, length of business, travel agent numbers, plus other relevant information.  And to get the most of it, learn what you can benefit more from this database.


This kind of database has the big number of confirmed travel agencies, travel agents, and other related connected firms.  This list includes organizations which are members of American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) as well as the non-members.


Each travel agent address comes to you in up-to-date mode on a per month basis.  Additionally, all travel firms are yearly contacted for updated information. It includes the number of agents, website, sales, and others.  Travel Agencies Database is called up for regular verification purposes to provide a 98-percent deliverable. Providers give money-back payment guarantee if clients feel unsatisfied.


When trying to purchase your emailing list, concentrate on travel agencies which run from home to commercial office address. At present, there are around 28,000 travel agencies with offices and address from homes.

Website Address

When selecting your database list, give focus on those with active and current website address.  There are more than 18,000 agencies involved in travel industry.

Email All Agents

You have the alternative to email all companies within this industry. Or, optionally, you can just aim at the main decision maker of that travel agency.

Regardless of the type of industry you have, the benefits of using database list are never undermined. When you have chosen the right provider, you can be sure that email addresses are guaranteed 98% deliverable.

Bar and Pubs in the USA

Dining out with family friends or even on a date, the ambience and hospitality services offered by the Pubs and Bars can make or break your evening. Going out to a theme restaurant is a very good idea and can give you more than just great food.  You can choose theme Pubs and Bars such as Disneyland themes for kids, horror themes for getting that adrenalin running, and even spa Pubs and Bars for the ultimate in a relaxed dining and drinking experience. See

In the USA, there are many great theme Pubs and Bars such as the Tonga Room in San Francisco, CA. This is one of the historical Pubs and Bars started way back in 1940 and is created cleverly around an island theme. The  band is just awesome and this is one of the best island holiday theme Pubs and Bars. An accurate list is available at

If you ever visit theme Pubs and Bars that you really enjoy, make sure that you provide them with your email and contact details. If you get added to the Email Mailing & Marketing List of Pubs and Bars then you will get emailers on great discounts and deals offered by your favorite place. This is a great way to enjoy the best dining experience at great costs.







Why Do You Think Your Business a UK Business Directory


With the development of the web, email has become a very popular form of communication between people all around the world. Not only B2B but B2C businesses are also blooming a lot on the basis of electronic communication. UK Business Directory is easy, simple and effective when it comes to marketing your products and services on the web. Email marketing can especially be helpful as it is inexpensive as compared to the other forms of advertisement and also targets more potential consumers.
See sample records:

Here is why you must use it to promote your business:

Email is popularly used

Research says that email is the most frequently used internet application. There are over 450 million email boxes and counting. About 97% of web users stay online to check their email boxes and about 35% of them frequently check it throughout the day. So, it is obviously one of the best mediums for advertising your products and services.

See sample records;

Email saves on both time and money

Email is inexpensive because it does not involve postage and printing fees. While other types of promotion consume quite a lot of time, an electronic mail can be sent within an instant. Research has showed that emails bring in 40 times more ROI than postal mails. There is little expense when buying The UK Business Directory

Email gets you instant response

Researchers says that 80% of responses come within 3 days of receiving the mail. You can track how the recipients responded to the information you sent them, within a few minutes of sending the email.  Recipients either start making purchases or simply ignore offers.

Effectiveness of a business email marketing tool can be assessed

Companies can track responses and evaluate the mails that have made the greatest impact on consumers. So, if an mail does not generate desirable impact, it can easily be replaced by another that suits the preferences and likes of your consumers.

So, you see UK Business Directory have got a whole lot of benefits for you. Make use of it and get your brand recognized.


Here is more background information on the lists we sell:


Furniture stores are shops that either make or sell furniture. In the case of furniture that is sold, not made, it is made elsewhere at a factor or a craftsman shop. Depending on the type of furniture, it is assembled and then delivered. In other times,it is usually shipped in pieces, to be assembled at the premises of the customer. This is an essential component of any home and office. It is purchased, both for its functional appeal as well as its visual appeal.

There are three types of furniture that can be thought of. This differentiation depends on the location where the  will be eventually arranged.

  • Office – this is the furniture that is usually found in offices. Usually it comes down to cubicles and chairs that are commonly seen in almost every office. Not all offices will use the same type of cubicles. Depending the particular nature of office, different types of cubicles will be designed by the furniture company.
  •  This is the furniture that is used at home. This type of furniture has more variety to it. The standard home furniture would include items such as couch, chairs and pillow designs.
  •  Depending on the special usage, some unique pieces e will be available from the furniture store. For instance, office lobbies usually have couches that are more ornamental and grand. They also unique designs. Unlike regular furniture, such furniture is not bought off the shelf. These are custom designed, so as to enhance the overall look of the lobby. There are specialty furniture stores that deal with such unique furniture pieces.

Access to the Furniture Stores Email Mailing Address List will ensure that all of them are accessible in one easy step. The Furniture Stores Database, Directory & Marketing List contains every possible furniture store, all specialities combined. No one will be missed out with this list at hand.

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